2017 Agenda

2017 LA Games Agenda

*Schedule and speakers are subject to change
Day 1
10 May 2017

Welcome & Opening Remarks 2017

• Tinzar Sherman, CEO and Co-founder, Digital Media Wire • Ned Sherman, Counsel and Director, Manatt Digital
Tinzar Sherman
Ned Sherman

View from the Top: The State of the Game Industry

Industry leaders discuss the current state of the game industry as the business continues its transition towards a digital future. What does it take to make a successful game these...
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Ali Nazer
Javier Ferreira
Eric Goldberg
Kent Wakeford
Chris Petrovic

Keynote Conversation with Richard Marks, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Richard Marks, Research Fellow, Sony Interactive Entertainment Interviewer: Ashley Esqueda, Senior Editor, CNET TV / Host, Tomorrow Daily
Richard Marks
Ashley Esquesda

PANEL: Virtual and Augmented Reality for Games & Entertainment

This panel of VR and AR leaders will discuss the latest developments for games and entertainment. The panel will focus on what is available in the market today. What are...
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Nanea Reeves
Johannes Saam
Kimberly Culp
Brooks Brown
Christine Lee
Jamil Moledina

PANEL: Monetizing Games through Free to Play

This panel will discuss free to play and freemium models for games. What works? What doesn’t? What’s the right mix in deploying free to play? PANELISTS • Jason Kirby, Chief...
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Jason Kirby
Sarah Xie
John Robinson
Bin Jeong
Josh Burns

PANEL: The Opportunity of eSports for Brands, Agencies & Marketers

This panel will discuss best of brand activations of eSports teams, leagues, competitive gamers and streamers. What is the opportunity for brands, agencies and marketers? PANELISTS • Mark Leathem, HyperX...
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Mark Leathem
Imari Oliver
Jacob Carlson
Mike Lee
Bill Young

PANEL: Creativity Rules: Making Successful Games for Mobile Platforms

This panel will discuss how to make a successful game for iOS, Android and emerging mobile platforms. How important is creativity? What are the the metrics that matter when judging...
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Lisa Anderson
Enrico D’Angelo
Cynthia Woll
Margaret Wallace
Lina Chen

Games & Entertainment Industry Leadership Roundtable

This panel of leading game and entertainment executives will discuss the future of the game business as it intersects with entertainment. What kind of deals are being done?  How is...
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Gilbert Lee
Brent Bushnell
Chris Early
Chris Heatherly
Teemu Huuhtanen

Keynote Conversation with Jon Radoff, Disruptor Beam and Dan Murray, Skybound Interactive

• Dan Murray, President, Skybound Interactive • Jon Radoff, CEO, Disruptor Beam Interviewer: Ned Sherman, Counsel/Director, Manatt Digital
Jon Radoff
Dan Murray
Ned Sherman

PANEL: Winning in China: Finding Success in the Chinese Market

With hundreds of millions of active smartphones and tablets in the market, the Chinese market presents a huge opportunity for game businesses. This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges...
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Michael Zhang
Isabel Gan
Bill Wang
Michael Cai

PANEL: The Power of Influence: Influencer Marketing & User Acquisition

This panel will discuss how games companies are using influencer marketing for user acquisition of games and gaming content. Topics include how to find the right influencer mix for your game, the...
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Peter Letz
Joe Gatdula
Isaac Zucca
Mari Takahashi
Javon Frazier
Chrissie Scelsi
David Bloom

PRESENTATION: Legal Issues for Games Businesses

This session is presented by the law firm of Sheppard Mullin. Jim Gatto is a partner in the Intellectual Property Practice Group, Co-Team Leader of the firm’s Digital Media Industry...
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Jim Gatto

Q&A Session with Media Audits International: What are the Causes and Effects of Incorrect Payments in the Digital Ecosystem?

Payment issues and insufficient reporting documentation to Content Owners/Publishers from third-party Distributors can present a challenge across all media sectors. Why do payment issues arise in both, transactional and subscriber-based...
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Richard Taub
Bruce Lazarus

PANEL: The Future of eSports

Providing a potent mix of real-life spectatorship and digital entertainment, today the worldwide phenomenon of competitive gaming today counts over 200 million spectators annually (SuperData Research) and presents a unique,...
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Minard Hamilton
Ophir Lupu
Bo Daly
Damon Lau
Steven Roberts
Stan Press

PANEL: Hollywood & Games

This panel brings together a mix of companies and executives from the film and games industries to share ideas about relationship between games and the film industry and how to...
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Chris Hewish
Anatoly Ropotov
TQ Jefferson
Andrew Stalbow
Derek Douglas
Ned Sherman

Closing Reception

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