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LA Games Conference 2011 Photos

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2011 Analyst/Research Presentations
Interactive Entertainment: Where Are We Headed? (Greg Short, EEDAR)
Trends in MMO and Social Games (Michael Cai, Interpret)


Tony Bartel, President, GameStopTony Bartel, President of GameStop Corporation. Ranked 255 on the Fortune 500 annual listing of public companies, GameStop is the world’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer. The company operates more than 6,500 retail stores worldwide, as well as and Game Informer magazine, a leading multi-platform video game publication, is also an important part of the GameStop family.

Jack Buser, Director of PlayStation®Home for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). PlayStation®Home is a social gaming network where gamers can meet friends and play games. From originals like the 50-level tank combat shooter Sodium One to immersive spaces packed with games and exclusive content, PlayStation®Home provides players with a rich and dynamic gaming experience only possible on the PlayStation®3.

Adam BoyesAdam Boyes, President, Beefy Media, strategic partner with The Weinstein Company's recently formed TWC Games division. Adam Boyes is a 15 year game industry veteran who has specialized in Production and Business Development. He has held positions such as Executive Producer at Midway and most recently he ran the Product Development group at Capcom US. At the helm, he delivered the most successful digital games initiative of the industry. Adam has more recently founded a company, Beefy Media, which specializes in working with large IP holders to bring their properties to fruition in the video gaming space in a high quality fashion. With a team of highly experienced producers, he recently announced a strategic consultancy with The Weinstein Company to form TWC games and bring their fantastic properties to the little screens.

Adam LevensonAdam Levenson launched OmniMedia Music in 2011, a unique combination of composer talent agency and music production company for interactive media and the performing arts. Adam’s prolific career spans more than 18 years of experience in the video games industry having contributed to dozens of best-selling titles as an audio director, music producer, and music director. Combined with his many years of success as a recording musician, live performer, and orchestral percussionist, his diverse entertainment industry experience makes Adam uniquely qualified to collaborate with both musical creatives and project managers.

Event Announcements:
4/18/11: Adam Levenson, Executive Director, OmniMedia Music joins the Fireside chat with Adam Boyes to talk about the role of music in games!
4/4/11: Adam Boyes, President, Beefy Media, strategic partner with The Weinstein Company's recently formed TWC Games division joins LA Games for a Fireside Chat!
We are excited to add 2 exclusive half-day workshops with the leading minds in media and marketing on the day before LA Games Conference from 2-6pm on April 25th on Transmedia and Gamification. Only a limited number of tickets available!
2/28/11: New speakers announced from Raptr, THQ, Gaikai, OnLive, ngmoco:), Hi5, Stardoll, Nexon and many more!
DMW hosted the Gaming SuperSession at 2011 CES, which was one of the most popular sessions and gives a good indication of what the hot button industry issues will be at LAGC this year. Click here to view the video!
1/18/11: 2011 Venue Announced - SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills!
1/14/11: Join us in welcoming Jack Buser, Director of PlayStation®Home for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), as a new keynoter for the event!
12/01/10: Tony Bartel, President of GameStop to keynote at LA Games 2011!
2011 agenda announced!
11/24/10: Event dates announced! Registration for the 2011 LA Games Conference is now open! Register before the new year and save!

2011 Speakers, Panelists & Moderators

Ranah Edelin Phil Eisler
John Welch
VP & General Manager
Making Fun, a News Corp. division
 Bill Young
Managing Director,  EA Ready
Electronic Arts
Ranah Edelin
Phil Eisler
General Manager, 3D Vision
NVIDIA Corporation
Danny Bilson Hussein Fazal, CEO, AdParlor Nanea Reeves Maria Casey, Senior Manager of Business Development, Arkadium
Danny Bilson
EVP, Core Games
Hussein Fazal
Nanea Reeves
Chief Strategy Officer
Maria Casey
Senior Manager of Business Development
John Spinale Clive Downie
John Spinale
VP of Games and Media
Clive Downie
VP, Marketing
Gordon Bellamy
Executive Director
Teemu Huuhtanen
EVP, Business Dev. and COmmunications
Sulake Inc.
(Habbo Hotel)
Peter Nielsen, Media & Games Product Manager, Nokia Gene Hoffman Tim Steudler, Activision
Michael Doron
Vice President, Americas
Deutsche Telekom, Inc., Business Partner of ClickandBuy International
Peter Nielsen
Media & Games Product Manager
Gene Hoffman
Tim Steudler
Former Corporate Alliances & Business Development
Mike Goslin   Michael Marchetti, SVP & GM, Pogo & Social Games, Electronic Arts
Mike Goslin
VP, Product Development
Hangout Industries
Michael Cai
Vice President of Video Games
Michael Marchetti
SVP & COO of EA Interactive
Electronic Arts
Eric Goldberg
Managing Director
Crossover Technologies
Michael Klotz Josh Fraser, Vice President, Business Development, RightScale JJ  Lechleiter, senior director of the Game Studio at Hands-On Entertainment
Michael Klotz
Director of Digital Games
The NPD Group
Josh Fraser
VP, Business Development
JJ Lechleiter
Senior Director of the Game Studio
Hands-On Entertainment
Jay Baage
VP, Content & Business Development
Digital Media Wire
Rob Uhrich, Senior Director, PaymentOne Jeff Gomez, CEO & President, Starlightrunner Entertainment
Peter Levin
Rob Uhrich
Senior Director
Jeff Gomez
CEO & President
Starlightrunner Entertainment
Mari Baker
President & CEO
Ramachandran Ophir Lupu
Alex St. John
President & CTO
Chethan Ramachandran
CEO and Co-Founder
Playnomics (FKA Turiya Media)
Ophir Lupu
Games Agent
Creative Artists Agency
Lee Clancy Jr.
SVP, Product Management & GM, Direct Revenue
Kurt Davis, VP of Business Development, Boku  Joe Wallin Steve Sims, VP of Client Services, Badgeville Stefan Lampinen
Kurt Davis
VP of Business Development
Joe Wallin
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Steve Sims
VP of Client Services
Stefan Lampinen
Managing Director and Founder
Michael Pachter Esther Lim, CEO, The Estuary, LLC Brock Pierce
Michael Pachter
Managing Director, Equity Research
Wedbush Securities
Esther Lim
The Estuary, LLC
Ned Sherman
CEO and Publisher
Digital Media Wire
Brock Pierce
Co-Founder and Chairman
Revenue APEX
Geoff Cook Matt Story Keith Katz, VP of Monetization
Geoff Cook
Mike Crouch
Director of Public Relations
Matt Story
Keith Katz
VP of Monetization
George Ruiz Phil Alberstat
George Ruiz
SVP and Head of New Media
International Creative Management
Phil Alberstat
Fuel Industries Inc.
Ian Swanson
CEO & Co-Founder
Mike Vorhaus
Magid Advisors
Greg Short, President & CEO, EEDAR John Fletcher Jay Moore
Greg Short
President & CEO
John Fletcher
SNL Kagan
Olivier Delfosse
VP, Interactive, Mobile & Digital Content
FremantleMedia Enterprises, Americas
Jay Moore
Co-Founder & Dir. of Business Development
BitRaider LLC
Rick Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder, Wild Needle Albin Serviant Carlos Melcer
Grady Hannah
Director, Business Development
Darkworks S.A.
Rick Thompson
CEO & Co-Founder
Wild Needle
Albin Serviant
Carlos Melcer
MasterImage 3D
Kelly Perdew, CEO, Fastpoint Games David Min Ethan Daniel
Kelly Perdew
Fastpoint Games
David Min
Steamboat Ventures
Ethan Daniel
Chief Marketing Officer
TDVision Systems
Mark Friedler
Worlds and Games LLC
Rex Cook      
Rex Cook
Founder/Executive Creative Director

Tuesday - April 26th, 2011

Registration, Coffee & Networking

Welcome to the Conference
Ned Sherman, CEO & Publisher, Digital Media Wire
Jay Baage, Event Director, LA Games Conference

2011 Gaming Trends - Analyst Presentations
Leading analysts and industry experts kick-off the day's discussions with an overview of the latest research that reflects and illustrates the current state of gaming and the directions in which the industry is heading, including: consumer behavior & attitudes; adoption & penetration rates of key technology channels & platforms; and business & economic performance numbers.

Michael Cai, Vice President of Video Games, Interpret
Michael Klotz, Director of Digital Games, The NPD Group, Inc.
Greg Short, President & CEO, EEDAR

KEYNOTE: Social Games is Still About Games
For many, the term “social games” conjures up images that are limited to hours spent on a social network, trading or purchasing goods, completing missions, or arranging words. But what if we broke through these notions that social games need to be limited by the platforms that they appear on? What if we could shift focus from ease and accessibility, and start putting more focus on the importance of developing quality social games with more in-depth gameplay? As more consumers gain access to the social game scene, developers have an opportunity to create games that help consumers take a deeper dive into the video game industry. Social games in its current state is just the beginning. Developers continue to expand their reach of social games to new platforms, while creating new experiences for established platforms that continue to rise. As the social games space continues to evolve, more games will begin to offer more robust gameplay. Come learn about the changing landscape of social games from Jack Buser, Director of PlayStation Home.

Keynote Speaker
Jack Buser, Director of PlayStation®Home, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)


10:50AM–11:40AM PANEL 1
The State of the Games Industry - View From The Top
Industry leaders discuss the current state of the games industry as the business continues its transition towards a digital future. What does it take to make a blockbuster game these days? What trends and developments are leading the industry? Does the industry need to take more creative risks in breaking new styles of play? What players in the games space will push the creativity? How do you make money in this more and more complicated gaming universe with new digital platforms now competing with the time and pocketbooks of consumers? Who will be the winners and losers in the years to come?

Michael Pachter, Managing Director, Equity Research, Wedbush Securities
Michael Marchetti, SVP & COO of EA Interactive, Electronic Arts
Nanea Reeves, Chief Strategy Officer, Gaikai
John Welch, VP, Publishing & GM, Making Fun, a News Corp. division
Eric Goldberg, Managing Director, Crossover Technologies

Facebook as a Gaming Platform

Social Game Demo: Albin Serviant, CEO of MXP4, the first social music gaming company, demos the company's newly launched game and discusses the untapped potential of social music gaming on Facebook.  

Debate Club: Facebook as a Gaming Platform
Structured as a formal academic debate, panelists are divided into two teams which present arguments either pro or con Facebook as a gaming platform. Each team will be given 5 minutes for initial arguments and then it's time for rebuttals. The audience will determine the winner via show of hands. This is one session that you don’t want to miss. Sparks are sure to fly!

Pro Team:

Mari Baker, President & CEO, PlayFirst
Rick Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder, Wild Needle
Con Team:

Alex St. John, President & CTO, Hi5
Geoff Cook, CEO, myYearbook
Mike Vorhaus, President,
Magid Advisors

KEYNOTE: Immersive Gaming in a Digital World
Gamers love immersive games but with the evolution of mobile game play, how will the rich, integrated console experience be matched on mobile devices? GameStop’s President, Tony Bartel, shares what the multichannel game retailer is preparing for as mobility, connectivity and immersive gaming converge.

Keynote Speaker
Tony Bartel, President, GameStop

Lunch Buffet

Adam Boyes, President, Beefy Media, strategic partner with The Weinstein Company's recently formed TWC Games division.
Adam Levenson, Executive Director, OmniMedia Music
Interviewed by: Ned Sherman, CEO and Publisher, Digital Media Wire


2:15PM–3:00PM PANEL 2
Gaming in the Cloud: Exploring New Forms of Game Distribution
At this very moment we’re witnessing an evolution in the gaming industry – one that has all the characteristics of what our media industry predecessors have and continue to experience (books, music, print, TV, movies, etc.). Videogames are an important part of the migration of content "into the cloud." But despite the disruptive impact the Internet is having on traditional retail, physical goods aren’t likely to disappear any time soon, or will they? If so, when can we expect that to happen? What new forms of distribution work for different types of games? Which devices are going to be driving the future growth of the gaming business? This panel will give you an overview of current trends, provide relevant real-lifecase-studies and give you the unfiltered truth of technological opportunities and challenges facing the games industry in a digital age.

Josh Fraser, VP, Business Development, Rightscale
John Spinale, VP of Games and Media, OnLive
Ophir Lupu, Games Agent, Creative Artists Agency
Stefan Lampinen, Managing Director and Founder, Speltjanst

Kelly Perdew, CEO, Fastpoint Games

Moderator: Jay Moore, Co-Founder & Dir. of Business Development, BitRaider LLC

2:15PM–3:00PM PANEL 3
Selling Games in 2011 and Beyond – Payment Models that Work and the Analytics You Need To Track Them
Games account for the largest portion of paid online content, well ahead of other forms of content, such as movies/video and news. While subscriptions have proven a very successful model for games such as World of Warcraft, it might not be suitable for other online games. At the same time, GameStop, BestBuy and traditional retailers still sell physical games for billions of Dollars. Redbox have proven that the rental model still works well for physical DVDs, now will similar services be successful for games? When it comes to mobile games and casual games, a model has emerged with a free version of the game and a paid version for those who are interested in upgrading. Is there enough money to go around for subscriptions? Is advertising a viable option? What hybrid models are emerging? This panel of game experts will give you a glimpse into the future of game monetization and provide many good ideas for what models will work for your products/services.

Gene Hoffman, CEO, Vindicia
Michael Doron, Vice President, ClickandBuy

Ian Swanson, CEO & Co-Founder,
David Min, Principal, Steamboat Ventures
Jason Turner, VP, Gaming and Live Events, Endemol Worldwide Brands
Mark Friedler, Partner, Worlds and Games LLC
Refreshment & Networking Break


3:30PM-4:15PM PANEL 4
The Smartphone and Tablet Revolution - What are the Latest Trends in Games and Social Networking for Portable Devices?
Mobile games is already a multi-billion dollar industry, yet there are challenges that need to be collectively overcome for the industry to progress to a true mass market phenomenon. This panel of decision-makers in the mobile games value chain will discuss the state of the industry with a focus on innovation, pricing, new devices, marketing and distribution models for mobile games. Is the iPhone model the way of the future for the rest of the business? What, if anything, will change with the introduction of the iPad? How are the operators working with publishers to allow mobile games to really take off? What factors are driving and hindering the industry? How is the mobile industry working with successful online games and brands to grow the market? Is a licensed game or branded title needed to succeed in the current mobile games market? What other platforms are the most exciting; Ovi, Android, BlackBerry, etc.? What role will the operators play in the future of mobile games?

Kurt Davis, VP of Business Development, Boku
Clive Downie, VP, Marketing, ngmoco:)
Joe Wallin, Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Peter Nielsen, Media & Games Product Manager, Nokia
Keith Katz, VP of Monetization, OpenFeint
John Fletcher, Analyst,
SNL Kagan


3:30PM-4:15PM PANEL 5
Money for Nothing? How To Succeed In Selling Virtual Goods for Games and Social Networks
There is a growing consensus that successful online games companies, social networks and virtual worlds need to complement advertising and freemium with a virtual goods micro-transaction business model. The selling point is higher user monetization relative to advertising revenues because of the type of engagement that occurs in social communities and games, but what challenges face companies trying to enter this space and what models will emerge as the most successful? The business of virtual currencies (both earned and bought) have now already become a big business – but are there any inherent limitations in the future growth of the industry given the fragmented nature of it today (e.g., a game’s currency is, for the most part, tied to that specific game and cannot be used elsewhere or exchanged for other items of value)?

Rob Uhrich, Senior Director PaymentOne
Teemu Huuhtanen, EVP, Business Dev. and Communications, Habbo
Chethan Ramachandran, CEO and Co-Founder, Playnomics (FKA Turiya Media)
Brock Pierce, Co-Founder and Chairman, Revenue APEX
Lee Clancy Jr., SVP, Product Management & GM, Direct Revenue,

Moderator: Jay Baage, Event Director, LA Games Conference


4:20PM-5:00PM PANEL 6
Viral Gaming – Latest Trends in Marketing and Promoting Games Online
Flash and browser-based games that work both stand-alone and as application widgets on social networking websites such as Facebook have been a growing segment of the gaming industry lately, underscored by Russia's Digital Sky Technologies $180 million investment in Zynga last year. How important is the social factor in gaming? Will we see casual massively multiplayer games anytime soon? How can games and interactive entertainment incorporate features such as user-generated content, sharing, rewards and referral programs? How do you monetize these new social gaming environments? This panel of executives from social networks, technology and games companies will tackle these questions and more.

Ranah Edelin, COO, Raptr
Mike Crouch, Director of Public Relations, Nexon America
Mike Goslin, VP, Product Development, Hangout Industries
Hussein Fazal, CEO, AdParlor
George Ruiz, SVP and Head of New Media, International Creative Management
: Esther Lim, Digital Strategist,
The Estuary, LLC


4:20PM-5:00PM PANEL 7
Brands Got Game? The Latest Opportunities for Advertisers To Connect with Millennials
Through Games and Social Networks This panel of advertising, brand and games executives will discuss opportunities for advertisers and brands to reach consumers through the games, virtual worlds and social networks. How are brand marketers and their agencies navigating this space? What advertising campaigns work in games and online communities? How are consumers reacting to ads in games? How are advertising executives working with game developers? What are the opportunities and challenges in incorporating advertising and brands into games and online communities? On the other side of the coin, how can game companies generate revenue and free mass advertising by incorporating digital game content into brand advertising?

Maria Casey, Senior Manager of Business Development, Arkadium
Tim Steudler, Former Corporate Alliances and Business Development, Activision
Bill Young, Managing Director, EA Ready, Electronic Arts
Steve Sims, VP of Client Services, Badgeville
Phil Alberstat, Partner, Fuel Industries Inc.
Moderator: Matt Story, Director,


5:05PM-5:50PM PANEL 8
The Future of Gaming: 3D?
Publishers like Sony and Nintendo see 3D gaming as a huge opportunity similar to 3D movies and both have taken serious steps to embrace the technology, making their respective consoles 3D-compatible and beginning to roll out first-party and third-party 3D titles. However, 3D remains a delicate subject for game developers, many who see it a gimmick that has little to do with the core game-mechanics. So, how likely is it that 3D gaming will take off if only a small percentage of the market is able to afford a 3D-capable television, and many unwilling to sit for hours wearing plastic glasses that may cause headaches and eye strain? This panel will discuss the pros and cons of 3D gaming and leave the audience with a better understanding of what’s at stake and what to expect in terms of 3D games in the future.

Phil Eisler, General Manager of 3D Vision, NVIDIA
Ethan Daniel, Chief Marketing Officer, TDVision Systems
Carlos Melcer, SVP, BD, MasterImage 3D
Grady Hannah, Director, Business Development, Darkworks S.A.
Moderator: Gordon Bellamy, Executive Director, IGDA


5:05PM-5:50PM PANEL 9
Gaming, Film and Television – How To Develop Successful Transmedia Franchises
The relationship between Hollywood content owners and the game industry has sometimes been a rocky one. The result has been few success stories of original film and television IP being turned into films and TV shows and vice versa. For example, despite massive box office success of James Cameron’s “Avatar,” sales of the Ubisoft Avatar video have, in comparison, been disappointing. How is the relationship between these industries evolving? What needs to be done to make sure that future media franchises work as well across platforms and mediums? What needs to happen to ensure that all participants - licensors, developers, publishers and distributors - get a fair return on their investments?

Jeff Gomez, CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment
Danny Bilson, EVP, Core Games, THQ
JJ Lechleiter, Senior Director, Game Studio, Hands-On Entertainment
Olivier Delfosse, VP, Interactive, Mobile & Digital Content, Fremantle Media Enterprises, Americas
Rex Cook, Founder/Executive Creative Director, AvatarLabs
Peter Levin, Co-Founder,
Geek Chic Daily
Cocktail Reception and After Party (Free attendance with LA Games Badge)

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